While John Robert Powers has been discovering and developing new talent for movies, TV shows, commercials and modeling careers since 1923. It is only one of our specialties. We’re extremely proud of our success in teaching personal development skills that will help you achieve more confidence, self-esteem, and personal satisfaction. Our graduates have used the tools learned at John Robert Powers to succeed in college, on the stage, in boardrooms, and other professional endeavors.

Students may come to John Robert Powers for modeling and acting training, but we never forget to prepare them for their most important journey… Life!

The "Life Program" is what makes John Robert Powers famous worldwide. It is the foundation of the John Robert Powers legacy. No other national school provides a core program of this kind. This workshop will prepare one for the future as well as give one the leading edge for today. It is not only meant for aspiring models and actors. This course can and should be taken by anyone wanting to excel and succeed. The "Life Program" is a ten week course covering the following areas:

    • Confidence building
    • Goal setting 
    • Etiquette and manners 
    • Public speaking 
    • Interviewing skills 
    • Protocol
    • Image development: Hair, skin, make up, etc.
    • Wardrobing
    • Nutrition
    • First impressions
    • Social graces
  • Unlike our "Life Program", the following programs at John Robert Powers are by invitation only. This ensures the highest level of success for each of our students. Each course listed below is ten weeks. Please consult your school for individual times and schedules.

    The "Modeling Programs" offered at John Robert Powers are tailored to fit the needs and success of each individual. Some workshops, such as Runway, have a height requirement and should only be taken by those students that are at least 5'6 and have the potential for more growth. All modeling programs at John Robert Powers are by invitation only. Modeling programs include:


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